Bum's-eye View. 5/5

Jachim Slint sat, as he had so many mornings before, crouched on the balls of his feet atop a knotty oak branch as thick as his waist, watching the sunrise. A lot had happened the day before, and this morning Slint barely aknowledged the sunrise he so enjoyed, too busy in the confines of his own reasoning, trying to make sense of it all. Slint ran his dirty hands through the mess of unkempt loose curls that was his hair, exhaling softly as he ran over it again.

From what he was able to piece together form his new companions they ended up in Feyla park, Slint’s park, when they were looking into the new temple dedicated to Avandra. The same temple Slint had been casing on his amulet job. They were looking for someone name Orila, who was apparently either the lady in charge, or someone high up enough that she may as well be. Slint first saw them when they were coming up on the temple. He took didn’t take much notice of them at the time, but they certainly stood out. Slint was too busy watching what was going down with the pit boss Sers Hagar from the Fey Casino.

Slint didn’t like having to watch Sers and his boys get thrown a beating. The Fey Casino security detachments had always been good to him. They would run him off because was unsightly, but they never were too rough when they caught him. A few bump and bruises, but never a rolling like the ones he gotten from the guards in the park. Looking down at his ratty and too-often patched coat, Slint knew why he was treated the way he was. This wasn’t the kind of place were folks wanted to see people like Slint, but what could Slint do? Feyla park was his home? Sers and his crew were just doing their job, investigating alleged members of the new temple using magic to cheat the casino. But folks don’t like to be called cheats, and this crew in particular had seemed to take some offense at the accusation.

Slint’s new companions rushed into the temple and saved Sers. They could fight, he saw that, and he figured any crew willing to stop someone from getting their head caved in with a mace by a demon and his cronies were probably alright in his book. Even still, you didn’t last long by jumping head long into other people’s fights. The row was a good one, and eventually Slint’s new companions won out. They found the secret door Slint had watched that eladrin go down earlier.

Slint followed behind a good distance seeing an opportunity have a look for the missing amulet, but closed it in a hurry when he heard sounds of fighting and calls to, “Kill the sacrifice!” By the time he got down there the Eldarin took a shot point-blank to the face with hellfire. His name was Monock, and he was a friend of his new companions. Not a pretty way to go. A fight with teiflings and the frost-breathing dogs left the crew pretty banged up, and Slint had offered for them to hole-up with him. As far as Slint knew they were still sleeping beneath him.

Slint sighed heavily as he began to climb back down the big oak. “Jachim Slint, finder of things,” Slint said quietly. “Well Slint, I think this time all you found was trouble.”

Later that day as Slint stood at the edge the canal with his new companions, after having followed monstrous foot prints, there was no doubt he was right about finding trouble. Three sets of foot prints led into the canal, one sleight which he was betting was the Orila lass, one humanoid but clawed, which Slint figured was no good, and one set huge, looking like ten pounds of “nasty” in a five pound sack.


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