Civilized Worm

Legalize Flayleaf!

Unbeknownst to the adventurers, a fourth attack had occurred above ground. Carrion Hill was begining to crumble.

The adventurers made a quick investigation of the surrounding tunnels in the underground chamber. Whatever monster they searched for was most likely elsewhere.

After a visit with the mayor and a gift for Lumpskin, the group set about investigating each of the four attacks. The common denominator was the drug flayleaf in each of the three houses that the monster did not originate from. There are two main suppliers of the flayleaf in Carrion Hill. Hassk the dwarf is completely out.

Master Hives, the other dealer, lived in an abandoned church in the south of town. No one was found in the main structure and Lumpskin preceded to investigate an underground cavern below the building just as Maquiv arrived. A furious battle with the Master “Hexer” Hives commenced. The bewitched Skrelnick occupied the hexer as the group methodically took out his minions.


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