Discovering Calabria's Underground Attractions

Sylvius floated north, leaving his dead vampire companions. After alerting the guards at the government building, Nico is sent for. Nico says he has been unable to follow Sylvius, and he talks of Diego’s gain in wealth. He says Broad Side Bess typically sends textiles, and that he has no record of weapons. He will get back to us. We sleep at the Monte Carlo.

We arrive at Caryl Baxter’s house and we are redirected to his warehouse. He tells us that the Jester’s hurt business. He’s not helpful and unwilling to come to Lucho’s with us. Lumpskin is absent for some time. At Lucho’s Maquiv intimidates guards, and they attack him. Two halflings die, but we are allowed to leave after Nico clears us. Lumpskin returns and alerts the party that Lucho recieves messages from dark figures some nights, and that one such guard named Pietro is one such guard that has happened to pass on a message. We ferry over to the House of Horrors and check out the loading dock. We run into Nico who tells us that one of the guards saw a dark figure and one of Diego’s guards leave the Atlantis and then were lost in a NW neighborhood. After combing the area we meet a bum who tells us many dark figures are seen entering a shuddered house. We break into the house to discover a trap door to a basement/sewer/dungeon full of dead corpses and a stream running through.


ElrondHubbard vacantskies

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