Mist Me!

Will you sign my MJC '37 ticket stub?

The group finds themselves waiting at the hotel for what would prove to be an interesting night. Their first stop was the Atlantis to get a closer look at Diego’s activities before the upcoming MJC concert. Delgan was kind enough to purchase a feast for the group, but ended up eating most of Lumpskin’s portion when he left out the bathroom window (insert Beatles joke here) to tail Diego.

The rest of the group finished up their meal and left The Atlantis. They immediately noticed one of Diego’s men waiting outside. Upon seeing the group, he began to saunter off. The group followed with tankards in hand. They took a different street to avoid being noticed by the guard and eventually lost sight of him. They decided to go to the predetermined meeting place and wait for Lumpskin.

Lumpskin followed Diego all the way to a balconied house across from the location of the upcoming MJC concert. Lumpskin then proceeded to the Yola Tengo statue to meet with the group. Plans were made and a skulking halfling was spotted.

The group decided to break into the house next door to Diego’s perch. Lumpskin made short work of the backdoor and the group entered. Maquiv, who had been strangely quiet for the last 48 hours, finally made his presence known. The group scoured the house as the concert finally started. Band brought their best death metal lyrics, mostly pertaining to Vecna, and the concert culminated in a circling drake mosh pit. Cloaked figures were present.

The group searched Diego’s house after he left. Finding nothing of interest, they left the concert area. The dark figures from the concert were spotted and stealthy pursuit was begun. The pursuit ended in a confrontation in a dark alley (as they are prone to do). Everyone was dazed, Maquiv suffered many mortal but not lethal wounds, and all but one of the foes were defeated. This one, who could only be Silvius himself, shrugged off the group’s best attacks and decided to make his retreat in dramatic fashion as a ball of gas. The group struggled to stop him as he floated away into the night sky.


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