Can you be a Pearl Diver.

Father Sigund was taken to the Hasselnots home to view the bodies and the shrine to Vecna. Alister from the House Carslberg was a Necromancer that killed the Hasselnots.

Gigi was the tavern maid and Latock was the aggressive pearl diver.

In Alisters rom at the inn we found a symbol of Vecna and an unsigned letter with instructions on how to trap us.

R&G are questioned about the sword sent my Master Haverstaff.

We leave the Inn and travel to Latocks home only to come across an ambush site marked by a lot of blood. We stop and go back to the tavern.

We offer to support a pearl boat for the season and Father Sigund seems unsure . If we can sell the 20 pearls from the shrine he’ll let us sponser a boat at 50% net profit. Maquiv and Friday sponser boats.

We leave Shadowbank and head to Sheene, we send R&G to get Kellan Conland and Finnagan. Since it’s coming up on election there are a lot of ships in dock.

Fane goes looking for a job that will take us to the Misty Spit.

Deli comes to the dock to greet us and Skrelnick mouths off to Deli’s little dragon. Deli has news from around Sheene when private guards send him on his way.The guards are from A-B House and Lady Tavaria is with them. She demands to know about the ore but we send them on their way.

The city guard shows up with Finnagan. Radkill shows up saying he represents Kellan. He says come to Kellans for a night cap. R&G are sent out to find work for us. Skrelnik and Fane go shopping , Maquiv stops by his bothers temple.

At Kellans we have a drink and Skrelnik and Fane introduce themselves. Skrelnick tells the story of the dragon kill. Skelnik asks about the Carlsberg clan and Kellan doesn’t know Alister.

Mordin Dumont is a Dufor Captain.

Kellan gives Skrelnik a great sword from his own adventuring days. Maquiv asks about a pearl merchant at Artois House. He also asks if there has been any word from Egshan and Kellan hasn’t heard anything. Speak to Sam about arraingments for the night at the Lost Adventurers Inn.

An appointment has been made for us with the jewelers, we get an offer of 2300gp. 2000gp goes back to Shadowbank and the 300gp is split among the party.

We go to the Naturalist Society to speak with Deli. He has word about Griffins of the Archindales coming back with Kruthic and drakes in their claws. Hammerfast, South of Glum has ghosts living with the townfolk.

R&G found work to go to the mouth of the Sunflower River, we drop off a load of Rice Wine at Bellan City. 200gp

We leave Sheene on our way to Bellan, we arrive and deliver the Rice Wine.

We arrive in Little Gallena and hire two more sailors, one a male Goliath and on a female Eladrin

We arrive in Carrion Hill about the time the primary is over. The Mayor is named Hendricks. It’s cold and October, the dock is quiet and we hear a call for help. We go to Crown Manor, it’s raining heavily. The crows are the city guard, the Mayor is Heggry.

Heggry says the city is being attacked from below, the Slipper Market is detroyed and we see a giant eye of Vecna made with blood.


ElrondHubbard fadari

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