Tapper's Lament

All Vecna, All The Time

Having left the rest of the group to their own devices in the gold district, Maquiv and Fane head to the Monaco Isle prison to release Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. They had been caught gambling at an illegal casino. Upon their release, the duo told Fane and Maquiv of a dubious quest they had accepted on behalf of the party. An apprentice of Master Haverstaff the swordsmith wished to have a sword delivered to the small village of Shadowbank. Fane took the sword and the two sailors returned to the ship.

Fane and Maquiv met the rest of the party at the inn and made the acquaintance of the hobo birdman Slint. For their deeds the previous night at the temple, the party received a room upgrade from the owner of the Feyla casino. The party moved to the new casino and spoke with the owner, Omir Draskel, and the head of security, Sers Hagar. Interested in finding the escaped priestess Orila, the party was directed to a waitress that has fallen under the sway of one of Orila’s acolytes and quit her job.

The waitress, Bya, was found at her apartment hysterical over her abandonment by the priestess. She was soothed by the expert maid service of Slint and Maquiv swooped in with a Pelor pamphlet. Bya told the party that her duty for the priestess was to procure magic items from a local magic shop.

The party met with the magic shop owner and his enthusiastic homunculus “Tapper”. The party found a set of books that the priestess was looking to purchase and borrowed them from the magic shop owner and told him to send her their way if she required them. Tapper lost a tap-off with Slint and the party headed back to the casino.

During the night, Omir passed away. After convincing Sers to let the party examine the body, they concluded that his death was not from natural causes but from a quite obvious swarm of unnatural bugs. Sers became upset and ordered the party to leave the casino.


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