Maquiv Delanoix

A member of the Illuminatus - The Order of the New Sun


Class: Avenger

Str Con Dex Int Wis Cha
10 10 16 14 16 10

AC: 17 HP: 30

Class Features:
Armor of Faith Censure of Pursuit Oath of Emnity Abjure Undead Divine Guidance
At Will Powers:
Radiant Vengeance Overwhelming Strike Bond of Pursuit
Encounter Powers:
Shared Madness
Daily Powers:
Temple of Light
Simple Melee Military Melee Simple Ranged Superior Weapon Melee training Invigorating Pursuit
Steel shod staff 1d10dmg

Son of Grand-Master Soluc Delanoix of the Order of the New Sun.

Maquiv is his father’s son in almost all ways. He is a “true believer” in Pelor and the mission of the Order of the New Sun. Scarily enough, his zealotry might even best his father’s. He believes he is destined to restore Pelor’s rightful place in the hearts and minds of Shalomar… by any means necessary. He can often be overheard saying, “as my father says, The Morningloard spends to much time pandering to Councils and Kings when he should be insisting they acknowledge their proper place under his Radiance.”

Maquiv was recently sent by his father to study the more “mundane”, albeit practical knowledge of adventuring from Rodrick Conland. He has stated that it is time for Marquiv to venture forth into the land and begin his duty to bring illumination to its people. It could be that he has other motives for placing his son closely to a family member Kellan Conland.

Maquiv is very close to his father, and somewhat estranged from his older brother Ival, mostly because his father is none to happy about Ival’s path in life. Ival is also a member of the Church of Pelor, albeit the sect in Sheene. Ivar has been resistant to his father’s hard line stance and subscribes to a much more inclusive “soft” in Soluc’s mind Pelorian doctrine. The Election Scandal of 3552 has not helped recent familial relations.

Maquiv’s mother died when Maquiv was young from a sickness in the lungs. Soluc believed it was a sign from Pelor to rededicate himself to building the Order of the New Sun. Maquiv has distant but warm memories of his mother that he often found himself retreating to after stern love showed to him by his father.

Maquiv is generally quietly condescending to just about everyone. He often mocks others beliefs as deluded and naive, and is particularly harsh to clerics and acolytes of faiths other than Pelor. Maquiv often eludes to some arcane calculus when trying to decide the amount of physical force to use to relieve one of his naive beliefs through “illumination”. There is likely some asymptote that is reached in which Maquiv would likely permanently illuminate his foe and relieve him of the burden of his ignorance.

Maquiv Delanoix

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