A gentle but scared cleric of Avandra


Str 14 Con 12 Dex 11 Int 8 Wis 18 Cha 14

HP 24 AC 16 Fort 13 Ref 11 Will 17

Passive Insight 19 Passive Perception 14


Friday has struggled in life, she was born to poor farmers in the village of Alexandria. She loved her Mother greatly, her Father spent most of his time at the local pub. One evening as a child, her Mother was killed by her Father as he drove the cart home from the pub. He ran in to the hut and it collapsed on Friday’s Mother. For a long time, she hated her Father while she raised her Brother and Sister. When she was older she reconciled with her Father and shortly there after he was killed in a farming accident.

Her beloved Sister and Brother were killed while still young and Friday believes that somehow she was responsible.

When Friday struck out on her own she took a job as a barkeep/waitress with a kindly bar owner. One evening, while working she knocked over a lamp and burned the establishment down. She promised to pay him for his loss and has been making monthly payments to him.

She has tried many career tracks and stumbled upon the Goddess Avandra, she believes that maybe, if she serves well, that maybe some of Avandra’s luck will fall upon her.


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