Asylum Ass Kickin

After going through Keeper Myr’s things, we discover he was the translator. They have enshrined their souls into the slimer thing, and now it wants more of their souls. The mayor lets us know Crove is head of the Asylum and also funds the underground excavations. Crove restored the old capitol to make the asylum. When we arrive, we discover big orderlies, gooey things, and a raged demon. Lumpskin kills them all. We find 2,000 gp of artifacts and 4,000 worth of books. We find a crazy man who says there is an addition second floor. In the basement we discover some released crazies and also Dick Cheney torture guy. We kill them to level up!

Civilized Worm
Legalize Flayleaf!

Unbeknownst to the adventurers, a fourth attack had occurred above ground. Carrion Hill was begining to crumble.

The adventurers made a quick investigation of the surrounding tunnels in the underground chamber. Whatever monster they searched for was most likely elsewhere.

After a visit with the mayor and a gift for Lumpskin, the group set about investigating each of the four attacks. The common denominator was the drug flayleaf in each of the three houses that the monster did not originate from. There are two main suppliers of the flayleaf in Carrion Hill. Hassk the dwarf is completely out.

Master Hives, the other dealer, lived in an abandoned church in the south of town. No one was found in the main structure and Lumpskin preceded to investigate an underground cavern below the building just as Maquiv arrived. A furious battle with the Master “Hexer” Hives commenced. The bewitched Skrelnick occupied the hexer as the group methodically took out his minions.

The Enemy of Our Enemy...?
in which we do not find a carrion crawler

The party began exploring one of the demolished homes in Carrion Hill’s Slipper Market, trying to determine who – or what – might have left such a trail of destruction. One wall of the home had been blown outward; inside were the mangled body parts of four humans, strangely drained of blood. All around was a foul slime, left behind by something that appeared to have come up a set of stairs in a back room. Skrelnik became quite convinced it was a carrion crawler. On the wall was the eye of Vecna painted in blood.

We spoke with a cobbler whose shop was across the street. He said that the house belonged to a man named Marshan; he had lived there about one year, but before that the house was abandoned. He said Marshan kept mostly to himself, but the cobbler didn’t seem to care much for him. That morning, the cobbler had seen the wall of the house blow outward; a body part came flying out, then was sucked back inside. The cobbler then ran for help, and saw nothing more.

On a desk in Marshan’s house, we found a startling letter, clearly penned by a cultist of Vecna. However, the letter indicated that these cultists are rivals of Quill (our nemesis in the cult), and planned to summon a vessel for Vecna’s return that would compete with the vessel Quill was preparing.

We followed the slime trail back downstairs, quickly discovering that this was no ordinary basement. We found an ancient burial chamber housing six sarcophagi dating back hundreds of years, one recently disturbed. After bursting through two locked and barricaded doors, we encountered four Dark Ones, denizens of the Shadowfell, who attacked us on sight. Three fled and were pursued by Lumpskin, who applied his patented “Lumpstrike” technique (patent pending) and ultimately felled two of them. The fourth stayed behind and seemed prepared to fight to the death until Skrelnik intimidated him and took him as a prisoner.

After some “enhanced interrogation techniques” (i.e., Fane cutting off his hand and Friday blasting him in the eye with a Lance of Faith), the prisoner talked. He said he and his Dark One buddies had been summoned here by a group of five humans in cloaks, who instructed the Dark Ones to clear this underground complex of rubble as they set about summoning some kind of creature in a spot called the Sunless Grove. After the creature was summoned, the Dark Ones fled for their lives and barricaded themselves in a cavern. They never saw the monster. Skrelnik persuaded Fane and Friday to let the prisoner live, and we left him bound and gagged, his wounds stablized.

We followed the stairs some 800 feet down to a large chamber with many pillars supporting a ceiling 100 feet above. In an adjoining chamber was a large mound, topped by an altar emblazoned with the eye of Vecna. Around the altar were three leafless trees. As we entered the chamber we were jumped by a number of ghouls that we ultimately defeated. We got the impression these ghouls had been recently created; perhaps they were what became of the five cloaked figures who summoned the monster?

Upon inspection of the trees, we determined that they grew through necromancy and increased evil powers. In one tree we found a crushed robed figure, a hunchback, who possessed some magical items and had eyes of Vecna carved in his hands and all over his body.

We proceeded through an adjoining tunnel to an encampment, clearly inhabited at some point by five humanoids. At the encampment’s door we found an obviously magical tome, the “Pnakotic Manuscript,” which had been clawed at by ghouls. In the encampment we also found books about Vecna, a book about Avandra separatist cults (a recent book, written in Eladrin, and well-thumbed), and many notes in Deep Speech. The books indicated that the Pnakotic Manuscript is used to summon a vessel for Vecna. We also found a key to the Manuscript.

We learned that Vecna needs a vessel to return to the material plane from his prison plane, and that either the Hand or Eye of Vecna is necessary to complete the summoning ritual. Vecna needs a powerful vessel, and from the notes we surmised that these cultists were planning to summon Vecna’s previous vessel (last defeated here in Carrion Hill, 400 years ago) rather than trying to create a new one.

We followed the trial of the stench ghoul we had defeated to a pool surrounded by stones. The stones were marked with arcane runes that we determined are used to gather the powers of multiple spellcasters. We paused, trying to decide where to proceed next…

Can you be a Pearl Diver.

Father Sigund was taken to the Hasselnots home to view the bodies and the shrine to Vecna. Alister from the House Carslberg was a Necromancer that killed the Hasselnots.

Gigi was the tavern maid and Latock was the aggressive pearl diver.

In Alisters rom at the inn we found a symbol of Vecna and an unsigned letter with instructions on how to trap us.

R&G are questioned about the sword sent my Master Haverstaff.

We leave the Inn and travel to Latocks home only to come across an ambush site marked by a lot of blood. We stop and go back to the tavern.

We offer to support a pearl boat for the season and Father Sigund seems unsure . If we can sell the 20 pearls from the shrine he’ll let us sponser a boat at 50% net profit. Maquiv and Friday sponser boats.

We leave Shadowbank and head to Sheene, we send R&G to get Kellan Conland and Finnagan. Since it’s coming up on election there are a lot of ships in dock.

Fane goes looking for a job that will take us to the Misty Spit.

Deli comes to the dock to greet us and Skrelnick mouths off to Deli’s little dragon. Deli has news from around Sheene when private guards send him on his way.The guards are from A-B House and Lady Tavaria is with them. She demands to know about the ore but we send them on their way.

The city guard shows up with Finnagan. Radkill shows up saying he represents Kellan. He says come to Kellans for a night cap. R&G are sent out to find work for us. Skrelnik and Fane go shopping , Maquiv stops by his bothers temple.

At Kellans we have a drink and Skrelnik and Fane introduce themselves. Skrelnick tells the story of the dragon kill. Skelnik asks about the Carlsberg clan and Kellan doesn’t know Alister.

Mordin Dumont is a Dufor Captain.

Kellan gives Skrelnik a great sword from his own adventuring days. Maquiv asks about a pearl merchant at Artois House. He also asks if there has been any word from Egshan and Kellan hasn’t heard anything. Speak to Sam about arraingments for the night at the Lost Adventurers Inn.

An appointment has been made for us with the jewelers, we get an offer of 2300gp. 2000gp goes back to Shadowbank and the 300gp is split among the party.

We go to the Naturalist Society to speak with Deli. He has word about Griffins of the Archindales coming back with Kruthic and drakes in their claws. Hammerfast, South of Glum has ghosts living with the townfolk.

R&G found work to go to the mouth of the Sunflower River, we drop off a load of Rice Wine at Bellan City. 200gp

We leave Sheene on our way to Bellan, we arrive and deliver the Rice Wine.

We arrive in Little Gallena and hire two more sailors, one a male Goliath and on a female Eladrin

We arrive in Carrion Hill about the time the primary is over. The Mayor is named Hendricks. It’s cold and October, the dock is quiet and we hear a call for help. We go to Crown Manor, it’s raining heavily. The crows are the city guard, the Mayor is Heggry.

Heggry says the city is being attacked from below, the Slipper Market is detroyed and we see a giant eye of Vecna made with blood.

Tapper's Lament
All Vecna, All The Time

Having left the rest of the group to their own devices in the gold district, Maquiv and Fane head to the Monaco Isle prison to release Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. They had been caught gambling at an illegal casino. Upon their release, the duo told Fane and Maquiv of a dubious quest they had accepted on behalf of the party. An apprentice of Master Haverstaff the swordsmith wished to have a sword delivered to the small village of Shadowbank. Fane took the sword and the two sailors returned to the ship.

Fane and Maquiv met the rest of the party at the inn and made the acquaintance of the hobo birdman Slint. For their deeds the previous night at the temple, the party received a room upgrade from the owner of the Feyla casino. The party moved to the new casino and spoke with the owner, Omir Draskel, and the head of security, Sers Hagar. Interested in finding the escaped priestess Orila, the party was directed to a waitress that has fallen under the sway of one of Orila’s acolytes and quit her job.

The waitress, Bya, was found at her apartment hysterical over her abandonment by the priestess. She was soothed by the expert maid service of Slint and Maquiv swooped in with a Pelor pamphlet. Bya told the party that her duty for the priestess was to procure magic items from a local magic shop.

The party met with the magic shop owner and his enthusiastic homunculus “Tapper”. The party found a set of books that the priestess was looking to purchase and borrowed them from the magic shop owner and told him to send her their way if she required them. Tapper lost a tap-off with Slint and the party headed back to the casino.

During the night, Omir passed away. After convincing Sers to let the party examine the body, they concluded that his death was not from natural causes but from a quite obvious swarm of unnatural bugs. Sers became upset and ordered the party to leave the casino.

Bum's-eye View. 5/5

Jachim Slint sat, as he had so many mornings before, crouched on the balls of his feet atop a knotty oak branch as thick as his waist, watching the sunrise. A lot had happened the day before, and this morning Slint barely aknowledged the sunrise he so enjoyed, too busy in the confines of his own reasoning, trying to make sense of it all. Slint ran his dirty hands through the mess of unkempt loose curls that was his hair, exhaling softly as he ran over it again.

From what he was able to piece together form his new companions they ended up in Feyla park, Slint’s park, when they were looking into the new temple dedicated to Avandra. The same temple Slint had been casing on his amulet job. They were looking for someone name Orila, who was apparently either the lady in charge, or someone high up enough that she may as well be. Slint first saw them when they were coming up on the temple. He took didn’t take much notice of them at the time, but they certainly stood out. Slint was too busy watching what was going down with the pit boss Sers Hagar from the Fey Casino.

Slint didn’t like having to watch Sers and his boys get thrown a beating. The Fey Casino security detachments had always been good to him. They would run him off because was unsightly, but they never were too rough when they caught him. A few bump and bruises, but never a rolling like the ones he gotten from the guards in the park. Looking down at his ratty and too-often patched coat, Slint knew why he was treated the way he was. This wasn’t the kind of place were folks wanted to see people like Slint, but what could Slint do? Feyla park was his home? Sers and his crew were just doing their job, investigating alleged members of the new temple using magic to cheat the casino. But folks don’t like to be called cheats, and this crew in particular had seemed to take some offense at the accusation.

Slint’s new companions rushed into the temple and saved Sers. They could fight, he saw that, and he figured any crew willing to stop someone from getting their head caved in with a mace by a demon and his cronies were probably alright in his book. Even still, you didn’t last long by jumping head long into other people’s fights. The row was a good one, and eventually Slint’s new companions won out. They found the secret door Slint had watched that eladrin go down earlier.

Slint followed behind a good distance seeing an opportunity have a look for the missing amulet, but closed it in a hurry when he heard sounds of fighting and calls to, “Kill the sacrifice!” By the time he got down there the Eldarin took a shot point-blank to the face with hellfire. His name was Monock, and he was a friend of his new companions. Not a pretty way to go. A fight with teiflings and the frost-breathing dogs left the crew pretty banged up, and Slint had offered for them to hole-up with him. As far as Slint knew they were still sleeping beneath him.

Slint sighed heavily as he began to climb back down the big oak. “Jachim Slint, finder of things,” Slint said quietly. “Well Slint, I think this time all you found was trouble.”

Later that day as Slint stood at the edge the canal with his new companions, after having followed monstrous foot prints, there was no doubt he was right about finding trouble. Three sets of foot prints led into the canal, one sleight which he was betting was the Orila lass, one humanoid but clawed, which Slint figured was no good, and one set huge, looking like ten pounds of “nasty” in a five pound sack.

Do You Feel Lucky, Punk?

The session started with the party recovering from their battle against the duergar and the iron dragon. They quickly tracked down the lone escaping duergar, who was attempting to climb a nearby cliff face. Skrelnik, Maquiv, and Lumpskin caught up with and subdued him. Upon questioning, the duergar revealed that he and his people had been led to this cave along the coast from the Glitter Cliffs by the iron dragon, Thralnik, who could smell the mass of confiscated iron ore. The duergar discovered the ore in the possession of Vecnan cultists, who the duergar interrogated and tortured to death. Only one cultist survived – the one the party found and questioned last session before Lumpskin administered the fatal “Lumpstrike.” The duergar told the party that the last cultist had spoken of a lost temple in the Witchfen, three days travel from the cave, dedicated to a dark god and marked by two everburning statues.

The party inspected the ship they found in the cave, stolen with its shipment of iron ore some months before. The ship, named “Southern Wind,” was in pretty bad shape – rudder damaged, hull torn up, missing a sail. However, the party determined that the ship was barely seaworthy and could limp back to port at Calabria for repairs. Notably, the captain’s wheel and galley seemed to be built with halfling sailors in mind.

The party rested overnight and set out the next morning to look for tracks or paths in the forest at the top of the cliff, hoping to find some sign that might lead them to the mysterious temple. Meanwhile, Delly set about hoisting the slain dragon out of the water to take back to the Naturalists’ Society in Sheene. The party released their duergar captive with no possessions to make his way in the wild. The party found nothing in the forest but wolves, and returned to the cave after a few hours. When they arrived, they found six of Lucho DeLuca’s guards in conversation with Delly. The guards said they had been sent by Lucho to find and bring back the iron ore. The party informed them that the ore was in their possession and would be returned to Sheene. The guards went on their way, but not before one of them spat at the mention of Maquiv’s name.

The party returned to Calabria with Delly and crew, the iron dragon strapped to the hull of the Southern Wind. They were met at the docks by a crowd of cityfolk who seemed to be awaiting the arrival of the new dragonslayers. Lucho materialized with merchants and guards in tow, greeting and thanking the dragonslayers on behalf of the city. Apparently the Southern Wind was previously owned by a Calabrian businessman named Salva Pozzi, who was eager for its return. Over his objection, Lucho gave the boat to the party and offered the services of his own craftsmen to repair it, to much applause and adulation from the crowd.

Not trusting Lucho, Maquiv hired a local ship captain, Jimbo, to oversee the repairs. Jimbo informed Maquiv that the ship was built by an outfit named the Halfbrother Shipyards, out of Monaco Isle. He approved the repairs done by Lucho’s men, but said that only the Halfbrothers themselves could fully repair the rudder. The party thus decided to head to Monaco, but not before trying to do some research on the ruined temple in the Witchfen. The party found only rumors of a hag said to inhabit the swamp, but no information on the temple.

The party elected Maquiv as captain and gave Lumpskin, as slayer of the iron dragon, the rights to rename the ship. Until then, it will be known as the “Lumpstrike.” Before leaving Calabria for Monaco, Capt. Maquiv hired two human sailors: Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. Delly, meanwhile, sailed off for Sheene with his dragon prize.

Monaco at night was a beautiful sight indeed, the casino lights glittering off the bay and the city’s canals. One casino lit up an impressive fireworks display as a cruise ship full of tourists arrived. The party docked the Lumpstrike in the Trade District, waiting until morning to approach the Halfbrothers Shipyard. The dock guards gave Friday an amulet identifying her as a priestess of Avandra, good for free meals and lodging anywhere in the city. Everyone except Maquiv headed to the Silver District to look for lodging. Maquiv, eager to earn the loyalty of the two newest members of our crew, gave Rosencrantz and Guildenstern some coin and told them to enjoy the evening out while he guarded the ship. While he awaited their return, Maquiv paid the local dock guard, Fenris, for some extra security for the Lumpstrike.

The rest of the party helped to avert a brawl between guards on Luck Bridge and drunken sailors, then learned from the guards of a clean, hospitable inn named Avandra’s Last Fortune. On their way there, the party noticed a Temple of Avandra, a rarity in this land since most of Avandra’s places of worship are little more than tended roadside shrines. Each member of the party got their own room at Avandra’s Last Fortune and settled in to a good meal. A tiefling bard singing songs full of dragonborn slurs quickly drove Skrelnik upstairs. The party noticed that the depictions of Avandra in this inn seemed unusually… voluptuous. R & G returned to the Lumpstrike right on time, though wickedly intoxicated and likely nursing the beginnings of whatever STDs exist in this realm. Maquiv told them that he planned to implement a higher level of “professionalism” in the crew, starting with new uniforms.

The next day, Friday visited the Temple of Avandra and met the chief priest, Iatana Masterson. In addition to a place of worship, the temple also houses a small museum with Avandra-related artifacts. Iatana told Friday that he had been here in Monaco for 20 years, and thought the temple might be the largest of its kind in the realm devoted solely to the Lady of Travel. He said that no where else is Avandra more revered and more cursed, though he bemoaned the fact that folks here worship only one aspect of Avandra – Luck. Iatana also told Friday that a new temple of Avandra was recently founded in the Gold District, and has “poached” several of Iatana’s apprentices. The previous day, Iatana sent his best apprentice, Finnto, to investigate the new temple’s practices, and has not heard back from him. Friday agreed to look into the new temple and Finnto’s disappearance. She also got her robes cleaned, and arranged for new custom uniforms for R & G.

Later in the morning, the party visited Halfbrother Shipyards and met the proprietors: Illius Ellensberg, a salty dwarf and excellent woodworker, and Hollister Ne’frie, an elven ship designer. The two are getting on in years and bicker like a married couple. They recognized the Southern Wind/Lumpstrike immediately and were unhappy to see it damaged. They agreed to repair the rudder in three days for 500 gp.

Finally, the party left the Trade District for the Gold District, paying the 100 gp entrance fee in exchange for gambling chips. The guards also provided tabards for two of our less dapper party members, Lumpskin and Fane. Adventure awaits!

Calabria - the Aftermath

The party emerged from Silvius’s dark lair into bright sunlight and chaos. Townsfolk streamed eastward through the city, screaming that the Mad Jester Clan had finally lost it and started slaughtering innocents. Delgan led the way as the party shouldered their way through the crowd, heading west. It wasn’t long before the party came across pockets of disorganized violence: groups of vacant-eyed Bugaboos, attacking any townsfolk they could find, occasionally led by someone who actually seemed to know how to fight. The drakes that had accompanied those fighters swirled in the sky overhead, swooping down in targeted strikes to wound innocents and snatch any baubles they could see.

The party sprang into action, cleaving their way through disorganized minions that were no match for trained heroes. The party thought themselves alone in the fight until they noticed a few stray members of the City Guard, overwhelmed and exhausted. Consolidating forces, they soon found themselves fighting back to back with Sgt. Nico de Luca and his small number of loyal guardsmen. Together they were able to advance up to the shore of the canal bordering the island where the Mad Jester Clan were headquartered. But they found themselves able to go no further, as they gradually became overwhelmed by wave after wave of zombified Bugaboos, with flocks of drakes clawing down from the sky.

The day seemed lost until, out of nowhere, dozens of boats streamed into the canal, docking on both sides. From them emerged scores of heavily armed halfling soldiers, who immediately began attacking Bugaboos and drakes alike. Through the fatigue, battle haze, and blood spray, the party recognized the uniforms of these newly arrived troops: Lucho Bavetta’s private militia. Following behind the swarm of Lucho’s militia, the party and Nico quickly cleaned up what was left of the Bugaboo horde.

In the aftermath of the battle, the party tried to obtain information from officers in Lucho’s militia, but were again stonewalled (though this time without violence). The party also attempted to explore the House of Horrors (the Mad Jesters’ HQ) and to locate the two jesters themselves, but to no avail.

The political spin was obvious and immediate: Lucho had saved the day. All members of the City Council as well as Mayor Bella and Captain Hugo publicly acknowledged that Lucho had been right all along, and that without his forces the city would have been lost. Lucho’s popularity in Calabria swelled to ridiculous heights – he was hailed as the next coming of Yola Tengo, the people’s champion. It quickly became apparent that Lucho was a shoo-in candidate in the upcoming primary election.

The party was surprised to learn that Diego Fonseca was a casualty of the battle. Though the party saw no sign of him during any of the fighting, his corpse and those of his most loyal guards were found on the battleground when the smoke cleared. He was lauded as a hero, and Nico again received no recognition for his service.

The party found themselves left in a strange position. An obvious Vecnan threat had been eliminated, but the party felt nothing but suspicion for the moving force behind the elimination of that threat – Lucho himself. Nonetheless, the party had no hard proof to present to anyone, and Lucho’s newfound power made him extremely difficult to challenge directly.

Where to turn next? And who, if anyone, could they trust?

Discovering Calabria's Underground Attractions

Sylvius floated north, leaving his dead vampire companions. After alerting the guards at the government building, Nico is sent for. Nico says he has been unable to follow Sylvius, and he talks of Diego’s gain in wealth. He says Broad Side Bess typically sends textiles, and that he has no record of weapons. He will get back to us. We sleep at the Monte Carlo.

We arrive at Caryl Baxter’s house and we are redirected to his warehouse. He tells us that the Jester’s hurt business. He’s not helpful and unwilling to come to Lucho’s with us. Lumpskin is absent for some time. At Lucho’s Maquiv intimidates guards, and they attack him. Two halflings die, but we are allowed to leave after Nico clears us. Lumpskin returns and alerts the party that Lucho recieves messages from dark figures some nights, and that one such guard named Pietro is one such guard that has happened to pass on a message. We ferry over to the House of Horrors and check out the loading dock. We run into Nico who tells us that one of the guards saw a dark figure and one of Diego’s guards leave the Atlantis and then were lost in a NW neighborhood. After combing the area we meet a bum who tells us many dark figures are seen entering a shuddered house. We break into the house to discover a trap door to a basement/sewer/dungeon full of dead corpses and a stream running through.

Mist Me!
Will you sign my MJC '37 ticket stub?

The group finds themselves waiting at the hotel for what would prove to be an interesting night. Their first stop was the Atlantis to get a closer look at Diego’s activities before the upcoming MJC concert. Delgan was kind enough to purchase a feast for the group, but ended up eating most of Lumpskin’s portion when he left out the bathroom window (insert Beatles joke here) to tail Diego.

The rest of the group finished up their meal and left The Atlantis. They immediately noticed one of Diego’s men waiting outside. Upon seeing the group, he began to saunter off. The group followed with tankards in hand. They took a different street to avoid being noticed by the guard and eventually lost sight of him. They decided to go to the predetermined meeting place and wait for Lumpskin.

Lumpskin followed Diego all the way to a balconied house across from the location of the upcoming MJC concert. Lumpskin then proceeded to the Yola Tengo statue to meet with the group. Plans were made and a skulking halfling was spotted.

The group decided to break into the house next door to Diego’s perch. Lumpskin made short work of the backdoor and the group entered. Maquiv, who had been strangely quiet for the last 48 hours, finally made his presence known. The group scoured the house as the concert finally started. Band brought their best death metal lyrics, mostly pertaining to Vecna, and the concert culminated in a circling drake mosh pit. Cloaked figures were present.

The group searched Diego’s house after he left. Finding nothing of interest, they left the concert area. The dark figures from the concert were spotted and stealthy pursuit was begun. The pursuit ended in a confrontation in a dark alley (as they are prone to do). Everyone was dazed, Maquiv suffered many mortal but not lethal wounds, and all but one of the foes were defeated. This one, who could only be Silvius himself, shrugged off the group’s best attacks and decided to make his retreat in dramatic fashion as a ball of gas. The group struggled to stop him as he floated away into the night sky.


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