Session 6

The party prepared to head to Little Glum after receiving a note from Thorgrim Hammerhand inviting them to a meeting at the Anvil. Before they could leave the Randy Gander, however, they were treated to a round of drinks by a halfling named Pino Palladino. Pino introduced himself as a member of the Criers, and apologized for the unauthorized report the day before. He offered himself as a source of information and asked the party to bring him any juicy news tidbits they come across. He also informed the party that he had sent word on their behalf to an old associate in Little Glum, Balthasar Hammerhand.

The journey to the Anvil got a little hairy when the party was verbally assaulted by young Dwarven toughs in Little Glum. Then Delgan was persuaded by a very convincing Dwarven girl to help rescue her little brother, who was coincidentally located down a nearby dark alleyway. The obvious trap was sprung and some nasty Dwarven muggers tried to take the party for all they had. Just as the party was about to emerge victorious, two of their kills were stolen by a Dwarven rogue who later identified himself as Balthasar. He directed them to the Anvil, where they eventually contacted Thorgrim.

Thorgrim informed the party that the Hammerhands believed Patrice and the Sheene for Sheenois movement to be behind the murders, and had plans to mount a large-scale attack very soon. Delgan was able to convince Thorgrim that the party had at least some chance of solving the murders with a little less bloodshed, which led to an audience with the Hammerhands’ leader, the Grizzler. The Grizzler eventually agreed to wait two days to execute his plans for an offensive against the rest of the city. In exchange, the party agreed to bring him the heads of the wrongdoers.

Balthasar again met with the party and gave them some intel on Patrice’s house and its defenses.

Session 5

Session 5 covered two days of investigations into the murders. The party began by interviewing Sgt. Garrick Fremont, who had “investigated” the murders on behalf of the City Guard. The party found him not credible and was kicked out of his office after they began to probe the inconsistencies in his report. As they left, an officer named Scarlet Dunbarton palmed a note into Maquiv’s hands, asking the party to meet her later that evening. Maquiv also hired some street urchins to spy on Garrick, but later learned the urchins went straight to Garrick for an even bigger payoff.

The party met with Kellan Conland and tried to enlist his help with their situation. Conland stayed pretty much hands-off, but did pledge to put in a good word with someone close to the Gemrunner Clan (the family of the most recently murdered Dwarf, Joshka Gemrunner).

During their clandestine meeting later that evening at the Hope and Anchor, Scarlet informed the party that Garrick was corrupt as hell and had fabricated the information in his reports. She knew that he celebrated when the murders happened, and suspected he may have even had some involvement. Garrick had been spending a lot of time recently with a young noble named Patrice Anheuser-Busch, who is the leader of a new nationalist movement called “Sheene for Sheenois!”

Although the party had been repeatedly asked to keep their investigations low key, somehow information leaked… they overheard a Crier reporting: “Private investigators hired by City Guard to investigate Dwarven murders!”

While the party was dining at the Cracker Barrel and expecting a report from the urchin spies, they were paid a visit by Garrick and Patrice. Garrick gave them a final warning to mind their own business, and Patrice spat in Delgan’s general direction.

When the party left and was heading back to their room at the Randy Gander, Maquiv spotted someone tailing them. The party attacked and the stalker tried to slit his own throat before he could be apprehended. Friday successfully stabilized the stalker and the party toted him back to the room for interrogation. They observed a tattoo of an eye on his palm, but all they could get out of him was: “I am the Blood of the Maimed God.” After rejecting Friday’s suggestion that they mutilate the stalker and remove the flesh of his palm for information purposes, the party released him. He ran away.

Kellan Conland made good on his promise and the party was welcomed by the Gemrunner Clan. The party learned that Joshka was a big Uno player who had recently started playing in a high-stakes game at the Gilded Stag uptown, and had stopped running with his best friend and cousin, Ulrich Gemrunner. Joshka’s parents had hired the Hammerhand Clan to investigate, but had received no word of any progress. Mr. Gemrunner promised to send word to the Hammerhands that the party wanted to meet with them.

The party also met with Maquiv’s brother Yvar, who is a high-ranking member of the Sheenois branch of the Church of Pelor. Yvar spoke reverently of the Dawnstar but had little useful information. He did direct the party to an old bookseller, Filibrek Artois (proprietor of Filibrek’s Folios). Filibrek was intrigued by the party’s information and busted out an ancient full set of Jalomar’s History of Shalomar, from which the party learned that the eye symbol was an icon of the God of Secrets (aka the Maimed God), Vecna. What they learned about Vecna can be found in the wiki.

Session 4
Arrival at Sheene

The party continued its journey toward Sheene. About midday, the party was ambushed by bandits. The party was able to dispatch the bandits fairly quickly, but not without most of the party and poor Ray Ray taking significant wounds, the latter from unfortunately running into the business end of Maquiv’s staff as he tried to flee. The Buckley’s were obviously not happy with the outcome, but Maquiv tried to be contrite and pay penance for the misunderstanding. Needless to say the party acquired a modest amount of loot from the bandits, and gave the Buckley’s the wagon for the trouble Maquiv caused.

The party was able to make it to Twisp by the evening of the same day and was treated to the generous hospitality and delicious Calabrian cooking of Carlo. The Buckley’s were able to sell the wagon to Carlo and offset a third of the cost of hiring the party. The rest of the trip to Sheene was uneventful.

Upon arriving at Sheene, the party bore witness to the wretched conditions of the Glummish refugees outside the walls. Delgan was especially struck by the scene. Maquiv, was again his charismatic self at the gate and almost had the guards convinced to arrest the party in order for them to see Lt. Finnegan Dunnadee. However, the Buckleys’ proved useful in securing passage for the party into the city without the expense of bail or bribe. Once through the gates, Delgan led the party through his hometown and to a meeting with Lt. Dunnadee.

The meeting with the Lt., who surprisingly turned out to be a Gnoll, was cut short by an announcement by the Digits that its Glummish representatives had resigned their seats in frustration over the inaction by the council to come to Glum’s aid in its time of need.

Dunnadee asked the party to help him investigate three recent murders of Dwarves that he believes are connected and were part of a successful plot that was to precipitate the resignation of the Glummish representatives. Dunnadee fears that his own city guard has fallen into the influence of Sheene nationalist fervor and that he can no longer trust the lead investigator Garrick Fremont. The party is to uncover who is behind the murders and report back to Dunnadee. No compensation plans were discussed.

Session 3

The party graduated from the Heroes’ Academy in a blaze of glory, easily defeating four spiretop drakes in a battle arranged by Rodrick and Lyros. Friday’s crush, Colby, had a heart attack but seemed to recover. A stranger named Dorian arrived in Westerbridge, apparently to see Lumpskin, and left abruptly after the graduation.

Rodrick gave the party a letter addressed to Finnegan Dunnadee and a loaf of sweetbread to deliver to his friend Carlo (a halfling who lives about two days downriver).

The party agreed on a fee with Samuel Buckley and began traveling downriver with him as guards. The first day and night were uneventful, although Lumpskin did discover Ray Ray trying to steal some sweet potatoes early one morning.

On the morning of the second day, the party discovered the remnants of the bandit attack described by Lyros. They found plentiful kobold tracks, but also found a body under a wagon that was largely undisturbed and had been killed with weapons not usually used by kobolds…

Session 2

The party completed their exploration of the kobold cave and were faced with a moral dilemma when two of the kobolds surrendered. Maquiv, believing he had received divine guidance, attacked an empty-handed kobold. Lumpskin refused to participate in the slaughter, believing the kobolds had valuable information they had not yet disclosed. Delgan contracted blinding sickness from some nasty water in the cave.

The party returned to Westerbridge, victorious. Maquiv’s father arrived in town with three guards and effectively commandeered Digby’s Inn. Delgan received some mail that disturbed him, but he did not share its contents with the party. Friday nurtured a budding romance with a young farmer, Colby.

After getting patched up, the PCs participated in a town meeting in which a farmer (Samuel Buckley) reported tales of banditry downriver and asked for escort to Sheene. Delgan volunteered and the rest of the party eventually joined in. Some farmers volunteered their sons to begin regular patrols in the Westerbridge area.

The party also met with Rodrick’s elven friend Lyros, who had just arrived in town on his way from Sheene to Archendale. He reported observing the aftermath of an attack about a day downriver… looked like the work of kobolds, but there were some oddities.

Rodrick also asked the party to visit a friend of his in Sheene, a lieutenant in the City Guard named Finnegan Dunnadee who had requested some “outside” assistance…

The party attempted to negotiate their escort fee with S. Buckley but could not agree on a price.

Session 1

In the first session, Rodrick asked the party to investigate reports he had received of kobold activity in a cave close to Westerbridge. The party investigated the cave (after Maquiv’s disastrous attempt at weaving a mat out of natural materials), sprung a trap, and killed some rats and kobolds.


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