Anheuser Busch House

Approximately 100 years ago, two rival Sheenois merchant houses (one human, one elven) unified, creating the single richest, most powerful house in Shalomar. The Anheuser Busch house is known to have its fingers in every economic pie, and is strongly allied with the Church of Saint Cuthbert and its bankers. This House is generally acknowledged to be the masters of political/economic gamesmanship.

The House brews a light lager they call Budweiser, aka “the King of Beers.” Reviled as an insipid broth by afficionados of other Houses’ strong drink, Budweiser is the most popular and widely-accessible beer in Shalomar, and is the source of much wealth for the Anheuser Busch House.

Headed by: Prince Glanach and Lady Kiva Anheuser Busch.

An obscure, middle-aged human member of the House, Beltram Anheuser Busch served as an envoy in the Diplomatic Mission to the Glitter Cliffs, but has not been in the public eye since.

The House is represented on the Hands of Order by Lady Taevara Anheuser Busch.

Anheuser Busch House

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