Architects of the Arcane Mark

A secretive and elitist wizards’ guild based in Sheene that generally holds itself above the political fray. All magic users are required to register with the Architects; particularly powerful arcane magic users either join the Architects or eventually reach some agreement with them. The Architects have historically been allied with the Artois House, although for unknown reasons that alliance has recently become strained. Publicly, the Architects concern themselves with the acquisition and compilation of all kinds of knowledge. The Architects’ compound in Sheene contains great archives housing the guild’s collective knowledge. Access to the archives is not offered to the public, but specific information may be obtained for a fee.

Individual Architects journey far and wide all over Shalomar, on guild and personal business. A branch of the guild operates in Glum; Architects who seek adventure often operate out of the Glummish branch.

Although Architects themselves are barred from seeking election to the Hands of Order, the guild does maintain a permanent advisory seat with the Hands. The guild’s strongest interests are in maintaining peace and stability and, most of all, keeping trade flowing. The guild maintains business relations with all of the major Houses.

The Architects maintain their own private guards, well-trained, well-equipped fighters who accompany Architects on their travels throughout Shalomar.

The Prime Architect is a venerable half-elf female named Zelda Felferrin. Their representative to the Hands of Order is Paco Moretti, a young halfling male who is unusually charismatic and engaging.

It is widely known that the Architects were involved somehow in the plot behind the Election Scandal of 3552, but the true nature of their role is unknown. In the aftermath of the scandal, the Architects have withdrawn even farther from the public eye.

Architects of the Arcane Mark

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