Capital of the Dingle, the Halfling homeland. Calabria is home to the Moretti House, who coordinate most of the business flowing in and out of the region. Calabrian-trained shipbuilders are considered the best in the realm and can often be found employed in other coastal cities. Calabria is also home to Shalomar’s largest temple to Yondalla.

Traditional Calabrian cuisine has become popular across Shalomar. The dishes are hearty, spicy, and usually incorporate seafood and rice as bases.

The Mayor of the city is Bella Tengo, sister of Yola Tengo.

The Captain of the City Guard is Hugo Bellini.

Most of the day to day governing decisions are made by the City Council, composed of five members: Cara Domingo, Lucho Bavetta, Baxter Carlyle (human merchant), Alina Palmeiro, and Don Angelo Moretti.

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