Carlsberg House

A human house based in Dufur historically known for exporting wheat, grains, cattle, other livestock, and hops. The Carlsbergs are still viewed by the cream of Sheenois society as unsophisticated country mice, continually struggling to establish themselves as a power equal to the other Houses. Economically, the Carlsberg House is extremely powerful, since the Dufur region provides much of the food for the entire continent. However, in Sheene the Carlsberg House is still seen as the newcomer on the block, failing to grasp the subtle intricacies of the political game. The gentry of Sheenois society often mock the Carlsbergs for their failure to produce a single competent Uno player.

The perception of the Carlsbergs’ crudeness was only exacerbated by the House’s disastrous role in the Election Scandal of 3552. That scandal ended in humiliation for the Carlsbergs, who had unsuccessfully conspired to rig the election of their pet candidate, Jedediah Dunderson. Although the Carlsbergs continue to handle most of the trade to and from Dufur, their standing in Shalomar has been greatly reduced.

The Carlsbergs brew a light lager that has found little popularity outside of Dufur.

Headed by: Duke Norbert and Duchess Loretta Carlsberg.

The Carlsberg House is closely allied with the Dumont family, an historic power in Dufur. Larlene Dumont was a member of the Diplomatic Mission to the Glitter Cliffs, but has not been in the public eye since.

Carlsberg House

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