Primarily composed of bards seeking to promote their own names as storytellers and artists, the Criers are a loosely organized group of entertainers and sidewalk reporters based in Sheene. They serve an important public function by providing information to the populace, especially concerning the hottest political, social and economic issues of the day. In a city this obsessed with politics, every faction attempts to use the Criers as a tool to sway public opinion. However, the Criers are just as savvy at the political game as any other faction, and they know that their power in Sheene depends upon their reputation for fair, balanced and accurate reporting. Like the Architects of the Arcane Mark and the priests of Saint Cuthbert, Criers never run for office. However, no single group has a greater effect on the political process. Criers are greatly respected by all classes of the city populace, and any official Crier announcement (often in song form) will generate a large audience.

In addition to their function as public reporters, Criers also regulate most of the entertainment in the city. The Criers are headquartered in the Stray Gator Tavern, a rowdy tavern/performance hall in the heart of the city. Several other performance venues maintained by the Criers are located around the city. Any bard or performer operating independently in Sheene will sooner or later catch the eye of this guild.

The Criers are currently led by Seamus of the Harp, a flamboyant human bard who has earned the love of most of the city. Seamus is equally at home slumming in the Five Spot, performing onstage at the Gilded Stag, or dining at table in the Anheuser Busch estate.

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