The city of Druhok holds a special place in dwarven hearts as the birth place of Lorav Wraithslayer, the ancient dwarven hero who won the dwarves their place on the Hands of Order. Ironically, Druhok declined as the ties between the dwarves and Sheene grew. As the dwarves became less and less insular, the distance from the rest of Shalomar made Druhok’s iron less valuable. 200 years ago the difficulty of getting the iron ore to market combined with the great cost to defend the city from the Giants led to the city’s gradual abandonment.

50 years ago the Council of Glum decided that the iron of Druhok was needed. Dwarven pride was carefully stoked and an army was raised and marched to Druhok. A small goblin tribe had taken residence in the ancient city and they were quickly slaughtered. Soon families migrated to Druhok, the mines were reopened, and iron shipped to Glum once again. At it’s largest, Druhok was home to nearly 10000 dwarves. But it would not last long.

Druhok would remain settled for 30 years, the entire time spent fighting off various goblin, orc, and kobold tribes that populate the region. But the giants who drove them out originally did not reappear until the final few years of Druhok’s second existance. When they returned, they returned stronger, more organized, and more vicious than ever. According to the few survivors who escaped the city, on moonless night dozens of giants attacked the surface part of city. They focused on a section of city wall damaged by an earlier attack. While the city guard rushed to defend the wall, a group of hobgoblins allied with the Giants burst through a sealed part of the mine and laid waste to the underground city.

Very few dwarves escaped the city after the giants collapsed the entrance to Lower Druhok. The survivors are scattered all across Shalomar.


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