A predominantly human city located in a flat plains region, which is also generally referred to as “Dufur.” This region is the agricultural center of the realm, providing wheat, corn, alfalfa, hops, and other crops that are consumed across Shalomar. The city is built on the banks of the Sunflower River, which is still a major shipping conduit to a coastal village from which ships carry exports to Sheene and the Dingle. Dufur is home to Shalomar’s largest temple of Pelor, in the center of the city. The Holy Father of the Pelorian faith resides in this temple and takes an active role in the region’s politics and economy. The most powerful families in Dufur are the Carlsberg House and the Dumont family.

Dufur has steadily increased in wealth and power over the years, and in recent years supplanted Glum as the second-largest city in Shalomar. However, the city has become increasingly isolated from the rest of the realm in the aftermath of the Election Scandal of 3552. Dufurian crops, however, remain in high demand.

Dufur is represented on the Hands of Order by Duke Norbert Carlsberg.

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