Election Scandal of 3552

The Election of YAF 3552 was setting up to be the biggest in years: Yola Tengo, the eldest member of the Hands of Order and its acknowledged leader, was vacating her seat; the Iron Shortage had created an urgent political crisis; and the proposed invasion of the Glitter Cliffs had polarized the electorate.

A week before the election, Yola Tengo was assassinated during a public ceremony at the compound of the Church of Saint Cuthbert. Simultaneously, unknown thieves plundered the Bank of St. Cuthbert. Initially, the assassination and robbery were blamed on Gnomish terrorists, and public support for the invasion of the Glitter Cliffs swelled. Eventually, a party of adventurers (including Sir Reginald, Soh Fah Gong, Egg Shan, and The Grizzler), working with Finnegan Dunnadee, exposed the true plot: the Carlsberg House, in conjunction with corrupt members of the Church of Pelor, the Architects of the Arcane Mark, and the City Guard, had planted evidence and orchestrated the assassination. Their goal was to secure the election of Jedediah Dunderson and initiate the invasion, believing that this would consolidate and extend Dufur’s political power. There are rumors that other, more shadowy, factions were also involved in the scandal, but nothing can be confirmed…

In the aftermath of the scandal, the Church of St. Cuthbert executed several culprits, and all things Dufurian (including the Church of Pelor and the Carlsberg House) were humiliated. Stella Artois was elected in a landslide, and the Diplomatic Mission to the Glitter Cliffs was a success. Finnegan Dunnadee was promoted to Lieutenant and purged corruption from the ranks of the City Guard.

Everyone hopes that the Election of 3553 will go a bit more smoothly…

Election Scandal of 3552

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