The term refers to both a region of dense forests and rocky coastline, and the capital city of the region, located deep in the forest. The region is the homeland of the Eladrin.

Galina keeps mostly to itself, and is not overly welcoming to outsiders – particularly those who wish to develop Galina’s natural resources. Nonetheless, Galina’s artisans do occasionally sell magical items they create to traders who bring the items to Sheene and elsewhere. Non-Eladrin visitors to the city of Galina are rare indeed, and report a difficult time navigating through the city because it was constructed with the Eladrin’s teleportation ability in mind. The city has a major temple to Corellon.

The most powerful group in this region is the Artois House. Besides that House, the Treetender family is another historic powerhouse here. Hyperion Treetender was a member of the Diplomatic Mission to the Glitter Cliffs, and was publicly praised by the Hands of Order for his role in its success.

Galina is represented on the Hands of Order by Gwennara Silverheel.


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