Grolsch House

The most powerful Dwarven clan in Shalomar. Generations ago a young dwarf merchant from Glum named Anton Grolsch came to Sheene and set up shop, importing metal works from Glum in bulk and selling them to merchants from around Shalomar. At the time, all of the other dwarven merchants refused to venture outside of Glum, trading with outsiders only when outsiders came to them. Anton quickly became fabulously wealthy, and the House of Grolsch rose to dominate Dwarven economy and politics.

Today, the Grolsch House specializes in metal, stonework, gems, and timber. However, in the last few years the iron shortage has, of course, eviscerated the power and holdings of the Grolsch House.

The Grolsch House has two representatives on the Hands of Order: Lord Grimlian Grolsch and Lady Osima Grolsch.

The house is headed by Baron Talgrim and Baroness Walda Grolsch in Glum, Lord Urthor and Lady Vulrunn Grolsch in Sheene.

The Grolsch House is well known for its signature brew, a dark lager. They also brew a seasonal beer each year for the Election, as well as a stronger brew that is not exported outside of Glum.

Grolsch House

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