Moretti House

A Halfling merchant house, based in the Dingle. The Morettis deal primarily in rice, seafood, coffee, and pipeweed. This house also has significant shipbuilding operations in Calabria, and employs most of the master shipbuilders in Sheene. In association with the priesthood of Yondalla, the Moretti House trains and employs the finest chefs in the realm. The House is not particularly known for political involvement, especially during Yola Tengo’s tenure on the Hands of Order. However, the House is rumored to be involved behind the scenes in many of the realm’s major policy decisions.

A scion of the house, Don Angelo Moretti, ran and lost in the last Election. He was seen as Yola’s sentimental successor, but was overshadowed by Stella Artois following the Election Scandal of 3552. Don Angelo served as a diplomatic envoy in the Diplomatic Mission to the Glitter Cliffs, but has not been in the public eye since.

The Morettis brew a strong rice wine, best enjoyed warm, that is very popular in the Dingle.

Headed by: Don Maurizio and Dona Liliana Moretti.

Moretti House

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