The Church of Pelor has quietly been growing in popularity over the past several years, expanding its influence beyond its home region of Dufur. However, Pelor is still widely regarded in Sheene as a simple God of the Harvest – or the “clodhopper god” to the less polite. The Church of Saint Cuthbert takes a paternalistic, patronizing attitude towards the Pelorians, never taking their ambitions very seriously. Nevertheless, the Temple of Pelor in Sheene has continued to grow in power and influence along with the Carlsberg House, with whom they are closely allied. The Holy Father of the Pelorian faith (known as the Morninglord, the Light and the Life in Pelorian ritual) resides in the home temple in Dufur.

Unlike the priests of St. Cuthbert, the priests of Pelor have become deeply involved in politics – to their shame, in the Election Scandal of 3552. That scandal rocked the Church of Pelor. The leader of the Sheenois Temple of Pelor, Beacon Luthas Keller, was personally implicated in the scandal and returned to Dufur in shame (some say he narrowly avoided execution at the hands of the priests of St. Cuthbert).

Also implicated in the scandal was a recently founded monastic sect known as the Order of the New Sun.

In the wake of the scandal, the Sheenois branch of the Church nearly died out… however, the Sheenois followers of Pelor quickly rallied around a new hero, Sir Reginald. Now known as “the Dawnstar” to the faithful, Sir Reginald has earned the respect and praise of the Hands of Order and restored the Sheenois branch of the church to respectability. However, this has led to a deep schism in the church, as the Holy Father in Dufur regards Sir Reginald as a heretic and false prophet.


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