Saint Cuthbert

The Church of Saint Cuthbert has long been intimately linked to the political health of Shalomar. It is the dominant faith in Sheene, with healthy representation in each of the other regions of Shalomar. The Church represents the strong rule of law and fair treatment of all peoples. The popular acceptance of the authority of the Hands of Order is linked to the popular faith in the fairness of St. Cuthbert. The Church has a permanent advisory seat with the Hands of Order, and typically supports the traditional line of equal power for all regions. The Church’s popular legitimacy can also be traced to the Church’s policy of absolute abstention from any involvement in Shalomar’s political process. While priests of St. Cuthbert aid in Election monitoring, they never run for office, express opinions on candidates, or accept nomination as Electors. The Church compound hosts many official political and social functions.

The compound also houses the monastery of the Order of the Iron Mind, a sect that has devoted their martial arts to the service of St. Cuthbert. Cleric/monks of the Order act not only in direct service of the Church, but also serve as members of the City Guard. Their service in the Guard has become even more valued due to the current iron shortage. The Order is extremely secretive, and little is known of its training or practices. The Order also operates a second monastery on the border of the Salted Wastes.

The Church provides banking services for any and all comers: secure storage of funds, loans, safety deposit boxes. The Bank of St. Cuthbert engages in no economic speculation of its own, but does occasionally use Bank monies to fund Church endeavors. The Bank was robbed during the Election Scandal of 3552.

The Church has no discernible agenda beyond the general peace and stability of Shalomar. The priesthood is composed of members of all races (except Gnomes, of course).

The Archbishop of Sheene is Promos Pappadopolous, a venerable human male. Rarely makes public appearances. The Church’s representative to the Hands of Order is Frangelica Tallstalker, a female dwarf.

The Abbot of the Order of the Iron Mind is a mysterious half-orc male named Yaashgar the Slender. Rumors of his near-mystical powers circulate throughout Sheene, but little fact has been established. In the few public appearances of Archbishop Promos, Yaashgar has acted as the Archbishop’s personal bodyguard. Some say that Yaashgar the Slender has recently disappeared.

Egg Shan, a mysterious adventurer known to associate with Sir Reginald, is rumored to have recently joined the Order of the Iron Mind.

Saint Cuthbert

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