The capital city of Shalomar and the seat of the Hands of Order. Technically, Sheene is just one of the six city-states that elects representatives to the Hands. In reality, Sheene wields the most political, economic, and (to a lesser degree) religious power.

Some say that Sheene was the first city built in Shalomar. Whether true or not, the city is undoubtedly of ancient construction. The city’s skyline is dominated by the bridgetower that houses the Hands of Order: a massive pair of stone hands, steepled in prayer, forming a bridge over the Sweetwater River and towering overhead. River traffic passes beneath; foot and cart traffic passes across the bridge; and massive stairs lead upwards into the hands themselves, where the offices, residences, and meeting halls of the Digits are located.

Also located in Sheene are the five great merchant houses of Shalomar: the Grolsch House, the Carlsberg House, the Anheuser Busch House, the Artois House, and the Moretti House. Together, these houses handle the bulk of trade to and from each of the city-states. In the last few years, the Lowenbrau House from the Dalelands has increasingly established themselves as an economic player, though for generations exports from the Dalelands have been handled by the Carlsberg House out of Dufur.

Over the past few years, Sheene has been overwhelmed by an increasing number of dwarven immigrants/refugees from Glum, fleeing the effects of the iron shortage. These immigrants have completely taken over the slums of Sheene (formerly known as the Dregs, now called Little Glum) and also set up a tent city surrounding Sheene’s walls.

See also the City Administration, the Architects of the Arcane Mark, the Church of Saint Cuthbert, the Criers, Pelor, Kord.

Peoples and things from Sheene are called “Sheenois” (pronounced “sheen-wah”).


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