The Order of the New Sun


A military order of Pelor whose members are known collectively as the Illuminatus. (Avengers)

Goals & Principles:

  • There is only One True God, Pelor. Other “deities” are just mistaken manifestations of Pelor.
  • Those not yet illuminated by Pelor’s grace are to be brought out into His Radiance. Those who refuse illumination are destined to cower in the shadows. It is Pelor’s decree that all things that will not stand in his righteous light must burn.


Founded by Soluc Delanoix in 3531. Grand-Master Delanoix (b.3499) is a trusted friend of the current Morninglord and is in charge of a small monastery just outside of Dufur. Prior to his retirement into the monk-hood of Pelor and the founding of the Monastery he was an acclaimed warrior known for his unwavering adherence to his own often frightening principles.

Soluc has always held far more militant and polemical stands on church doctrine than his boyhood friend, the current Morninglord, but some say that his influence has grown on the Morninglord. Very quietly rumors have circulated that the somehow Soluc might be to blame for the Election Scandal of 3552, although no one has been brave enough to utter the words publicly.

Soluc has trained the Illuminatus for the past 20 years at the monastery. They have become a powerful and sometimes feared presence on Dufur’s city guard, much like the The Order of the Iron Mind in Sheene. However, they are more often than not considered vigilantes by the more secular aspects of Dufur’s population and ruling class. Crime has certainly abated to abnormally low levels in Dufur, and so has the population of believers in other faiths within the city.


Order Wide

Grand Master – Supreme Commander of the order

Seneschal – The Grand Master’s chief of staff

Master – In charge of daily operations of the order

Preceptories & Monasteries

Grand Preceptor – Commander of the order in a specific geographical area. Answers directly to the Grand Master.

Preceptor – In charge of daily operations of a monastery

Rank & File

Grand Illuminator – Field commander leads a Division of 3 or more Regiments

Major Illuminator – Leads a Regiment of 3 or more Battalions

Illuminator – Leads a Battalion of 3 or more Companies

Lucent – Leads a Company of 3 Patrols

Lucent First Class – Leads a Cadre of 3 Patrols

Lucent Second Class – Leads a Patrol of 3 Novices

Novice – Foot soldier


The Order of the New Sun

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