It is sometimes said that while politics is Shalomar’s national pastime, Uno is its national obsession. That may be overstating the case a bit, but there is no question that the game is immensely popular among all races and classes of Shalomarian society.

The game is quite complex, played with two to ten players, and a single game can sometimes take hours to complete. The game requires skill, strategy, bluffing, intrigue, and a modicum of luck. A standard Uno deck contains over 100 cards, and each player brings their own deck to the table. While the basics of each deck are standardized, hardcore players lovingly customize their decks. The decks of the most famous players in Shalomar are considered legendary works of art in their own right.

A prestigious Uno tournament is held every year during the Election festival, drawing the best players in the realm.

Yola Tengo is widely considered the greatest Uno player to have ever lived. Other notable Uno players include Pino Palladino, Rodrick Conland, Gary Coleman, Lady Osima Grolsch, Prince Glanach Anheuser Busch, Phineas Artois, Brellian Vandermeer, and Drenwen Lowenbrau.


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