Skrelnik Manashtash

Hot blooded, check it and see... got a fever of a hundred and three


Rageblood Barbarian

Str: 18, Dex: 12, Con: 16, Int: 10, Wis: 8, Cha: 14

Athletics, Intimidate, Perception, Religion

Dragon Breath (electricity), Swift Charge, Devastating Strike, Recuperating Strike, Divine Challenge, Avalanche Strike, Macetail’s Rage, Combat Sprint

Soldier of the Faith (paladin cross-training), Weapon Expertise—Heavy Blades


Skrelnik was born on Dragonspire Island as the second son of a prominent and wealthy family. Following custom, his brother was raised to succeed his father as patriarch of the family, while Skrelnik was sent at a young age to train as a holy warrior in the service of Bahamut. Always a headstrong, prideful, and hotblooded child, Skrelnik excelled in the martial aspects of his training but struggled with the spiritual dimensions of the paladin’s vocation. This inner conflict boiled over with tragic results one day when Skrelnik clashed with another student (Ghazar) over a perceived slight to his honor. Skrelnik flew into a terrible rage, losing control of his actions and savagely beating Ghazar. His memories of the incident are clouded in a reddish haze; the only clear image that remains is Ghazar’s crumpled body lying dead at his feet. Skrelnik was immediately expelled from the paladin school, bringing great and lasting shame to the Manashtash name. Fearing his father’s wrath and his mother’s tears, Skrelnik fled Dragonspire Island and has never returned.

Since leaving the Island, the last several years have been difficult for Skrelnik. His race has always marked him as an outsider in mainland Shalomar, though he has usually been cautiously welcomed in civilized lands due to the mythos associated with the Dragonborn. Nonetheless, he always travels in a hooded cloak to avoid drawing attention to himeself. He has spent time with barbarian tribes in the mountains north of Glum and then as an apprentice to a human smith in Glum, but was forced to flee the area as the giants encroached. He then traveled south with other refugees, scraping out a living as a sword for hire. Through it all, his temper has remained a problem, but he has learned to control his rage and focus it into a tactical option in combat. He continues to worship Bahamut devoutly, carrying his holy symbol and hoping to restore his honor through good deeds and protection of the weak. He hopes to one day accomplish some great deed that will allow him to Dragonspire Island and reclaim a place of honor amongst his people.

Skrelnik Manashtash

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